Intercrosse: a less violent but very fun and friendly sport

Like football, handball, volleyball, basketball, intercrosse is a discipline that is also played with two teams but with 5 people per team. Although it is a very fun sport, it is governed by rules that must be respected to the letter in order to avoid possible problems. What are the rules for playing it? Read this article below to find out.

History and its importance

Intercrosse was created in Canada and certified by the Lacrosse Federation. The rules of this discipline were adopted in 1982 by the pioneers. Intercrosse was included in the World Games in 1987 and evolved into a major competition. Besides being a game, this sport allows man to maintain his balance, to cure illnesses and to reinforce his strength. Warriors can practice it in order to remain tenacious. It is also recommended for armed men.

Some rules of intercrosse

The game is played with the help of a stick still called crosse. But one of the first rules is that any physical contact or stick-on-stick is not allowed in order to avoid injuries. The stick is the instrument capable of playing the ball. The intervention of human body parts is not welcome. This stick with a support represents the two hands of the man. On the field, the holder of the ball must be either running or not moving. Walking on the pitch is strictly forbidden and may be punished. Apart from the goalkeeper and his individual defence, no player is allowed to enter the semi-circle in front of the goal. This game lasts a total of 48 minutes, i.e. 12 minutes × 4. It is recommended to play the short pass in order to allow his partner to receive the ball in his basket. In his zone, the goalkeeper is free to move around freely. The field of play is similar to that of handball, but with some modifications.



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