Discover some tips for a good start in tennis

Tennis is a sport that is widely practised throughout the world. It allows you to work the whole body and develop certain skills and precision techniques. This sport also has many health benefits. Tennis helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and ensures the development of lung capacity. In this article you will find some practical tips on how to start playing tennis.

How and where to start playing tennis?

To start playing tennis, there are a number of prerequisites that you need to know. How to serve, how to take back a serve are the preliminary practices that you need to master. After that, it is necessary to learn some techniques to apply at the right moment. To learn all this, it is recommended to approach a tennis teacher to follow some lessons in order to master the essential gestures to be made during a tennis match.

In order to successfully start playing tennis, you should join a tennis club. In a club, you will have outside people who will help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. In this way you will consolidate your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses.

Personal training is also important in tennis. You need to have a personal training programme in which you do activities to strengthen your physical and lung capacity.

Have the right equipment


To start playing tennis, it is mandatory to get the necessary equipment. Without the right equipment, you cannot start playing tennis well. The basic equipment for playing table tennis is

The racket: This is the first essential piece of equipment for playing tennis. For a beginner, it is advisable to use a racket with a large head.

Shoes: you can’t play tennis without shoes, you can get injured easily. Therefore, you must have shoes that cover your feet completely and make it easier to move around the court.

The tennis ball: you must have a tennis ball. It allows you to do your personal training.

Tennis is an exciting sport that is very good for the body.  


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